Fragmented Paradigm Studio

Fragmented Paradigm Studio is the commercial section of Fragmented Paradigm and is a one person studio with a diverse range of skills. Though specializing in stop-motion animation, video and photography in general are the standard media utilized. 

Though much of the work I create is non-comercial art, I am quite capable of bending the talents and skills I have gained through that work towards commercial enterprise. Through animation, video, photography, illustration, and other media, I can approach projects with a variety of tools. 

The types of projects I can accomplish include, but are not limited to the following:

 - Music Videos

 - Commercials and Promotional Videos

 - Instructional Videos and Documentaries

 - Photographic Documentation for Events or Products

 - Illustrations for Posters, Ads, and other materials

 - Simple Website Design and Creation (nothing involving coding or flash)

For any given project, I strive to create something that is visually visceral and hope to provide the client with something that will be eye catching through the use of my particular aesthetic. However, if there is a particular look the client desires I am quite capable of adapting to those parameters. 

Fees are assessed on a by project basis and depend on the scope of the work, material costs, the time frame in which it must be finished, and potential revisions.

Please Contact me with any questions or proposals you might have.

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Information and Demo Reels

To view my Curriculum Vitae,

please click here.

To view my latest animation demo reel,

please click here.

To view my video compositing and effects demo reel,

please click here.

Examples of Commercial Oriented Works  

 Sailor Tom Animated Music Video

Currently in Production. More information and links soon! 

Illustrations for the Society of Women Engineers SWE Magazine

More information and links soon! 

commercial contest entries:

     d_Engine             p_Engine

In November of 2010, there was a contest to create commercials for a two companies in the United States. I chose to use this as an opportunity to demonstrate how I would use stop-motion animation to create a commercial for any potential clients. 

In the Summer of 2010, I was hired by Kevlar Soul Records to co-direct a music video that they were producing for Karma 1 Records. 

The link will take you to the video's youtube page.

 Contact them at

This link shall take you to the website for Three Streams Aikido. 

On the front page of their website is the video I directed, filmed, and edited for them. 

It was created in late 2007, while I was still a student.

 Contact them here

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