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duration: 8 minutes and 37 seconds 


 The Japanese term for a phantom or ghost is yuurei. Traditionally yuurei tend to be spirits that linger after death due to some tragic or mournful reason. They also are never depicted as having legs or feet. I utilize the title somewhat loosely. This piece was whimsically shot one early autumn day in 2009 / H21, partially intended as a practice short film. 

Though there are plans to shoot another, similar film in the same location, it seems unlikely that those plans shall see fruition at this point.

If you have already watched it and are curious what some other thoughts behind the film are, read on... 

One heavy influence on the mise en scène of yuurei is an attempt to mimic cinematic trditions in Japanese cinema of lingering shots to stimulate a contemplative yet emotional atmosphere.

Thematically, one point or intended metaphor was to suggest that the character in the cemetery is or is like a yuurei. (This would be obvious to those aware of classical Japanese aesthetics if his feet were never seen. If this had not been a whimsical piece and had been planned out with the assistance of other people... perhaps it would have been filmed that way.) 

At least that was the original idea...

Due to the project files and such being lost and having no means of ripping the data off of a playable dvd, I was forced to use a camera to record it playing off of my computer screen in late 2010 CE / H22. Since this had an obvious effect on the quality of the image and sound, I decided to that it was a good opportunity to adjust the editing and try some effects. As a result there are now several iterations of this piece.

I am currently seeking feedback on these three versions.

copyright 2009-2010 CE / H21-H22

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