Description | 記述

-)]}o{[(- is a project encompassing animation, music and illustration. Here are the concept drawings for the animation and  manga iterations. Work on the manga iteration began simultaneously with the animation, but is a much longer term development. It is intended to be pursued primarily after the artist begins longterm study in Japan, as work on the animated iteration shall be nearly impossible during that time. 

 Updates | アップデート

Heisei 23年 1月 11日

The images in the sketchbook have been more than doubled by the addition of earlier concept images, dating mostly to 2009 CE / H 21.

Heisei 22 11月 16th

This page is now active. Currently a handful of images are on display in the sketchbook gallery and the glimpse gallery. The manga version of this work is in progress, and not likely to be viewable any time soon. More images may be added to the sketch book soon though. Hmm, should probably darken the background image to make these words stand out more...

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