Desciption | 記述

The primary tool of this work is a sunn o))) amplifier.

I love my little sunn o))) amplifier. I also love a band that named themselves after this amplifier and are one of my greatest influences. Though I am not trying to mimic them.

The company called sunn O))) no longer exists, but they created truly awesome equipment. I consider the amplifier itself to be the instrument and I utilize a guitar as a primary interface for using it. Though, I occasionally play a baroque violin through it as well. 

More information shall be posted as the tracks are completed.

Albums | アルバム

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Longing for Ginnungagap

[Improvised Rituals of sunn o))) Worship]

Nearly everything is completely improvised. Some is later edited, some is not. With the exception of "Feedback Worship" and some found audio used in "Flames in the Sky" Everything is recorded with the mere built in microphone of by laptop.

 Tracks | トラック

Longing for Ginnungagap

-Lovely Gloom-

Flames in the Sky

Feedback Worship

- - -

[As Yet Untitled]

A collaboration between -)]}o{[(- and missacula

Tracks | トラック

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Updates on this Project | アップデート

Heisei 23年 1月 29日

The album/ep currently titled Longing for Ginnungagap [Improvised Rituals of a sunn o))) Worshiper] is nearly complete. The first four tracks are essentialy complete. The last track is still in a preliminary phase, though it may come together early next month.

What was formally the third track is unlikely to be used at this point.

So, soon the tracks may be uploaded for listening.

-)]}o{[(- and missacula are collaborating on an as of yet, untitled project. Nothing is currently uploaded, but the project is active. It was actually missacula that recorded the tracks Ritualistic Plucking and Feedback Worship on the Longing for Ginnungagap [Improvised Rituals of sunn o))) worship] album/ep. 

You can visit missacula's blog here.

Heisei 22 October 28th

This is a new project under development. The first three tracks are well under way and may be posted as early as Samhain.

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