Created in early 2007 CE / H19, L55 is my first attempt at creating a graphic novel / manga. It is a work of historical fiction, based on a true story that took place during the First World War. 

This work was never finished and I was never satisfied with the dialogue, so I present it here with all text removed. Below each set of pages are a few of my thoughts and explanations of the story, though they are not necessary for you to read. 

 This is the cover (page 0).


Around midway through the Great War, the allies had developed fairly effective countermeasures against the zeppelin raids from the Central Powers. In response German Engineers pushed the limits of aviation technology and created the Hight-Climbers. These airships could attain an altitude of 20,000 feet, twice as high as any other aircraft at that time. L55 was one of the hight-climbers in the first fleet of 11 to attack Britain.


Just trying to create a dramatic image for the cover. Most of these pages were drawn in a sketchbook with page dimensions of approximately perhaps 10 centemeters by 6 centemeters. Hence these are quite small illustrations for the most part.


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