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 Pages 11 and 12.


To make the Hight climbers as light as possible, in addition to design and structural modifications, they were also not outfitted with any defensive weapons, parachutes, etc. Their only defense was their superior altitude.

(When British, French, and American Engineers copied the German designs after the war, the failed to realize how far the German Engineers pushed the limits of design. This was one of the main reasons the zeppelin programs in those counties met with continued catastrophic disasters leading to their abandonment.)


To minimize the weight of the aircraft, such things as parachutes were not supplied. All crew members faced the dilemma of two options if their ship caught fire. They could remain on the dirigible in hopes of surviving the crash, or they could jump of in hopes of a quick death. Staying onboard meant the very real possibility of being burned alive before the zeppelin even hit the ground.

(It is documented that one zeppelin captain jumped when his airship was shot down, and miraculously he survived the fall. However it probably would have been better if he hadn't as he only lived for about 5 minutes after hitting the ground, probably long enough to watch his ship fall to the ground nearby. There is a photograph of a dead Zeppelin Captain lying on the ground next to the remains of an airship and I believe that it is of this individual.)


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