For Barrier, I was required to utilize some sort of object in a central role. I was still making many sculptures out of tape though that was waning by then. Still though, I could think of no other medium more appropriate. Besides, I had a brilliant idea...

In a hallway space with only two usable entrances, I completely sealed one with the most transparent tape I could find. Strewn about the space, I had placed many of my tape sculptures. I led the class into the space and proceeded to babble about the uses of tape like as though I were a mad scientist. Shortly after drawing their attention to the pieces on the floor, I began seal them in the space with another wall of tape, talking away as I did so. A moment after I finishing I walked away. I barely took a few steps before a member of the audience threw herself into the wall I had just created, utterly obliterating it. The audience proceeded to laugh and someone smashed through the other wall, though they were careful not to harm the sculptures. They thought the performance was over, but I ambushed them after they left the space and wrapped them up in a roll of tape before running off. They easily removed the tape and that was the conclusion.

My primary objective was to determine what an audience would do if I trapped them in a space. Would they maintain a passive, spectator like role or would they do something. This audience (perhaps because they were art students) did not even hesitate.

Challenging the boundary between the performance and the audience, breaking the fourth wall, became the primary focus of my performance art.



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