Description | 記述

Video and computer generated animation with soundtrack created on a broken guitar. (+alarm clock)

Duration - 2 minutes and 35 seconds

My first serious attempt to use computer generated animation, ---) 夢 (--- is the Japanese word for dream. Written in English characters as yume, it is pronounced yuu-may. I created it at the end of my second to last year in art school.

What follows is an explanation for the piece that is intended to be read after viewing, if desired.

I have had multiple vivid dreams in which I am a child of a different gender. This apparently is not an uncommon dream to have, and though I did not try to recreate a specific dream, those experiences formed one of the primary inspirations for this piece. 

Another very significant inspiration comes from an old Japanese fable of sorts, in which a man dreams of being a butterfly, but realizes on waking that he is not entirely sure if he is a man who just dreamed of being a butterfly or is a butterfly now dreaming of being a man. This is the concept I most wished to portray

The objects that appear in the "dream" are highly symbolic, though perhaps not obvious. The orerry, a mechanical model of the solar system, appears. Orerry's are simplified, perfect models of the universe. That the girl reaches for, but can't quite touch it is a metaphor for the unattainability of perfect understanding of the universe in both dreams and waking life.


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